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About Us

Dr. Professor Ketan Talsaniya

Dr. Professor Ketan Talsaniya is an astrologer, Vaastu Shastra and Paranormal Vastu expert with over 17 years of experience.

He teaches astrology and his classes are valued for the depth with which he imparts knowledge of the subject. Dr. Talsaniya guides doctorate students at a reputed university. As a practicing astrologer and Vaastu consultant, prominent clients from different faiths seek his consulting services.

With his knowledge of Vaastu, he has solved many cases of disharmony in the surroundings, and his clients have experienced sudden, positive changes in their personal and professional lives.

Dr. Ketan Talsaniya became a FIRST ASIAN to achieve Doctorate for Vastu science in the thesis subject of an effect of Paranormal Activities in Vaastu and awarded by ” Asian World Record ” Award.

Dr. Ketan Talsaniya became a FIRST INDIAN to achieve Doctorate for Vastu Science in thesis subject of an Effect of Paranormal activities in Vastu and awarded by “World Record India” Award.

Dr. Ketan Talsaniya is honored by GIAA 2018 Award – “Genius Indian achievers Award” 2018, in Education category for – Educational Genius of the Year. This Award is for Indian Record Holder, Genius and talented people with in India. Out of 500 awardee, only 50 awardee was selected, and i have been selected for this Award.

Dr. Talsaniya is the inventor of Paranormal Vastu. He is doctorate and Gold medalist in Vastu science, and his thesis title was “An effect of Paranormal Activities in Vastu” is rarest of rare in the industry, it is a result of research and hard work since many years. The domain studies spiritual vibrations and their effect on homes, offices and factories. His paranormal investigations, combined with his knowledge of Vaastu Shastra, have brought relief to companies which have faced bankruptcy.

Dr. Talsaniya is the Spiritual Department Head at a first-level organization related to paranormal activities in India. He also conducts workshops on Paranormal Vaastu.

You can contact him at vastuscienceworld@gmail.com.