I am a believer and faith about our ancient science like Vastu and Astrology.

I was facing legal, social and finance issues with around decades of period. I was depressed and tired about all this, and question was that how to overcome this situation. I was searching for solutions but not getting at all.

Than someone recommended me to Dr. Ketan Talsaniya, a well experienced Vastu and Paranormal Vastu adviser, He visited my house and business place, advised as per Vastu Shastra. I completely followed all guidance and suggestions. Within  a short period we felt improvements on all, and left behind our all issues.

After that, till now he taken care of all our vastu related problems, and became our family adviser .

I have bold faith on Dr. Ketan Talsaniya about his knowledge and honesty.
Thanks a lot, and wishing you to guide the affected people, like me.

Jay Bhagwani - Businessman

Around 10 years back, we were in trouble of financial and social issues with our business.
We were in search of to come out from this trouble.

Then we got reference of renowned and reliable Vaastu consultant Dr.Ketan Talsaniya,
He visited our office and residence, and guided with suggestions to follow.
We have taken care and followed his suggestions as per our ancient Vaastu Shastra.

Day by day than we found all our issues were in improving level. Now we are in good position in both.
Since the day, we are in connection with him as and when required his guidance and suggestion as per Vaastu Shastra.

We really appreciate his work and found him very faithful and satisfactory to his knowledge.
Thanks to Dr. Talsaniya for time to time guidance and suggestion to our business and family.

Paresh Gosaliya

Parco Agency

This is long back 10 years ago, we were suffering from financial crises and social problems in our life. There was a huge loss faced in business with losing our social status. We were fed up with this entire situation. We were not getting any way to get out of this.

One day, We came in contact with Dr. Ketan Talsaniya through our reliable sources. We shared our problem with him. He gave us some solutions regarding VASTUSHASTRA for our premises. Through his prompt and satisfactory guidance, now we are out of our problems. It helped us to acquire good financial capacity. All things are getting positive with us. Since that day, he is regularly guiding us.

Now we are very much satisfied with all his solutions.
We really appreciate his work and found him very much faithful towards his work.

Sharad Shah

Bracker India

After inspected our house Shri Ketan Talsaniya is also looked after our farm house scheme in Abu Road and we follow the Vastu there as well and we keep all the trust in him and his abilities.

Sushil Khera - Businessman

Around 9 years back, we shifted to a bungalow in Ahmedabad and came across with few issues   the place. There was the time where we came in contact with Shri Ketan Talsaniya, where he inspected our house and followed his advice our House Vastu and till date we keep it the same and follow it had no issues.

Sushil Khera